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for at least five major races each year ( and probably more ) i will send you a copy of my big race trends reports these reports examine the last ten years runnings of each race considered and highlight to you characteristics to look out for as proven by history. Typically i will send these reports days ahead of racing. Also in addition i will send you on the morning of each race a shortlist of selections that most closely match the researched trends.

right now yes it is. There is no need to worry about registration using cards or a paypal account etc for free service membership. Do note however there is also a more expansive paid for full member service you may wish to benefit from.

quite simply if i give you some good stuff for free i will be able to better demonstrate to you the value of full membership here. The totally free stuff is intended as an opportunity for interested parties such as your good self to test out the service no money down and with no commitment what so ever. If you like it, you may join properly at a later point in time. If not, well i may learn something useful about potential improvements from any tester feedback you care to provide.

no. The core aim of the service is to provide you with a lot of useful researched information about each major race covered. I will point you with facts and figures to some of the key lessons history has to teach us about the sort of profiles and characteristics of horses who win these races while l…read more detail

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