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i m not going to insult your intelligence or resort to silly clichés and ridiculous claims by telling you that. …

"i make £500 a week laying horses because i don’t." "ilay horses at £100 a time, because i don’t" "by using this system you will be acting the same as a bookie, you wont” "i earn more in a day than we used to make in a week, because i don’t”

what i would like to do is show you how to make realistic profits using false-favourit es . Check out the fantastic results my system has produced … Results

betfair accredited trainer reveals why…picking losing favourites consistently isn’t the walk in the park so called experts are claiming…it’s based around proven statistics and having access to the very best system. The problem is with so much hype and bs around on the internet whocan you trust enough to part with your hard earned cash, read on and find out

would you like the answers to these questions and so many more like them? l ike me you are probably sick and tired of reading sales adverts for… Hyped-up overpriced systems promising to make you life changing sums of money within weeks.

these adverts are aimed at inexperienced punters and are full of ridiculous clichés and empty promises they cannot possibly deliver. They sound great in principle but rarely fill your bank account. In the real world things just aren’t like that. Come on lets b…read more detail

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