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how many times have you nailed 2 races of the pick 3 only to lose the third one because it was an unpredictable maiden race? or how many times have you aced 4 races in the pick 6, only to lose the two that were maiden races? frustrating huh? nothing could be more disheartening. Well that all is about to change now

from the dawn of maiden racing, several myths have plagued the best of players and are still firm beliefs today. It has become common to see bettors shrug at the sight of these races and refuse to play them or even worse- take a blind stab in the dark no one likes to be in such a vulnerable position, especially with money on the line

” w ow i never knew how easy it could be to spot maiden selections i can’t tell you how many times i’ve walked away frustrated from the track, but with your system, the maidens no longer baffle me thanks guys,i owe you.”

let’s take a look at these myths and discredit them, so you never have to fall prey to what keeps average players from becoming pro handicappers.

myth 1- maiden races are too hard to handicap because the horses are just too unpredictable. Wrong maiden races are easy to pick because maidens have an added incentive to win. They don t want to remain maidens forever, so the trainers pull out all the stops in preparing for a maiden race. This a major factor that most people don’t even consider, but knowing this puts you well above the curve

myth 2- maiden races are difficult because the hor…read more detail

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