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new secrets to longer rolls and limiting losses on other people’s crappy rolls no doubt, craps is the most exciting and heart-pounding game in the casino. What s great is you get to handle the dice making it the only game where you have a chance to affect the outcome.

the one thing is this if you play like everyone else, you lose like everyone else you really don t like to lose maybe you ve lost your entire bankroll. Then you lose more cash on books, lessons, software and systems that just never work. No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work. The latest betting system or throw never seems to make any profits. You just don t know what you re doing wrong. But still, you absolutely know craps can be beaten. You re frustrated because you just don t know how.

choppy or cold tables can really destroy your bankroll you usually jump from a cold or choppy table. You go to a new table or casino and find it s just the same bad luck . You re waiting for that one hot roll to bring you back, and launch you into thousands. What you find is you start losing a lot on other people s short, crappy rolls. And still you wonder if craps is really a game that can be beat consistently. You re hoping something can help you get over the hump. You need help to win consistently. No amount of rituals or superstitions seems to be helping. You re still losing.

you re in a hot roll and ready to do some serious pressing. This roll will overflow your chip rack. But, the wrong num…read more detail

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