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this don’t make no sense to me, why are we’re doing nothing,
people are dying out there but we still ain’t doing nothing,
there’s nothing wrong with dying, yo, it’s wonderful!
but that’s only the case if you got the spirit of the lord,

but yo! some of these people don’t know the lord ya’ll!
they’re worshiping idols because they don’t know about god,
but then they die because lack of food and crap in the water,
left on judgement day to finally see us silent christians in the corner,

“french” i wan to know truth!
they’re screaming as loud as their sick starving bodies will let them do,
but we drown out the screams in our rock concert worship service,
we can’t see their starving bodies because we’re too busy building churches,

i know that you are thinking, “ezra, don’t get so uptight man!”,
man, i’m not uptight, i’m simply reading my bible man,
i can keep rapping here, calling myself dr e.z.,
but it ain’t the healthy who need a doctor, but the sickly,

we got a job we should be doin’ and we’re just sitting here chillin’,
we got the works worked out, but working ain’t what should be working,
a rich ruler had the works, but his money was too important,
how hard it is for america to get through the ye of a needle,

we’re just so hooked up on the money, that’s all we want,
which is why the u.s. Church is based on ………read more detail

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