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my name is george misencik and i started playing poker online about 2 years ago. I have read several books and done some online training as well. I have learned quite abit and have had some minor success just keeping above water as far as my bankroll goes. But i was continuously losing with big hands to much inferior hands. A friend told me about the online poker code crack and i google it. I purchased the online poker code on oct 16 th . I read it over and i could see that there definitely something to what i was reading. Last week i was invited to an online training session and observed as jon played a mtt and explained what he was doing during the tournament. After the session i decided to focus on the system and use the material i had learned. Well, i would like to report that i have had some of the best results i can remember and i played a $10+$1 mtt with over 500 participants, i finished in 1 st place. I just want to say i am a believer in the online poker code crack and would and will recommend it to anyone playing online more detail

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