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the preakness stakes is saturday and our horse racing investment package is ready. We go for our 5th straight pr eakness stakes winners saturday and our clients are looking for yet another major score th is weekend at the tracks. And to say we’ve been hot is an understatement. We’ve ca shed tickets on 9 out of the last 12 races at the track with a few pay off being monsters. Join us today with anyone of our winning package s bel ow. Featured win ning horse racing p icks : 1). Preakness stakes – buy now $19 2). Preakness s takes & bel mont – buy now $29 3) . Preakness s takes weekend – includes 5-6 top rate d races plus the black eyed su san on friday plus 5-6 top races saturday plus the preakness stakes. Buy now $49 4). Preakness s takes full card special – in cludes 5-6 top races plus the p reakness stakes. Buy now $29

the basketball lock club continues it’s dominance over bookmakers yesterda y as all 3 lock club games got the cash . With a 59 -27 mark ov er the past month, $100 per uni t players are now u p nearly +298 units i n basketball over the past month. While overall this season, $100 per unit players have made an amazing +980 net units of profit . By accessing our lock club informat ion you are gaining access to the strongest and most valuable information in sports betting today. There are 3 more months left of big pro fits i n basketball , so enroll today in the otl basketball lock club . Whether it’s a 7 day t rial, 30 day trial or season package… We …read more detail

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