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the internet betting sector is now full of scam artists who are flooding the market with crap betting systems that claim to be able to make you unrealistic amounts of money over a short period of time.

the system i have used for over 12 months has made me a regular steady profit over a sustained period of time. Understand i am not claiming you will become rich overnight, but you will make a regular profit.

the system i am about to show is not a flash in the pan idea, but a system i started following myself after spending many hours going over stats then back-dating bets, trialling and finally betting the selections myself.

my betting journey i would imagine has been that of probably 95% of all bettors. Starting as a novice i originally started betting for fun, before i realised it was possible to make money from betting. I then continued to make every mistake possible and stupidly continued to make the same mistake again and again, just hoping the results would change.

eventually i came to realise it was complete insanity to keep betting the same way, keep losing and yet keep hoping that i would make money. It has taken me over 3 years to realise i was in a circle of complete madness.

don t get me wrong i enjoy finding little niche systems and the profit that i make, i enjoy winning money and the life that money allows me to lead. I hear idiots in the gambling word saying they don t like money comments like (i don t like money) will usually …read more detail

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