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click here to read what the betting industry experts have to say about "race specialist" the fallacy goes something like this… Select certain horses …implement a few simple rules, no thought required …place your bets …watch the cash flow into your betfair account …how easy is that?

if this is your idea of a profitable betting system, i m afraid you are going to be very disappointed with most after a few weeks

in fact you will find it very difficult to make any consistent profits by simply implementing a few static rules on a daily basis.

. Little known > fact 1: most so called miracle systems fail because the core rules are all wrong to start with. They are back-fitted (the rules are made to fit the results) making those results look outstanding.

little known >fact 2: static rules often fail because they are not flexible enough to take into consideration the changes that take place on a daily basis in racing such, as going, withdrawals, jockeys and so on.

little known >fact 3: trends exist in horse racing and can be important, of that there can be no doubt. But trends are frequently worthless for a number of reasons , notably when they seek to replace specific knowledge of individual horses with generalities that are far less relevant, and when they are compiled in a crude and simplistic manner, which is the approach far too may systems take..

from: the desk of betfair accredited trainer jonathan burgess r…read more detail

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