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total units won to date: *212.6 units this means if you bet $100 on every pick i’ve ever released your current profit would be $21,260 . *updated 10/17/12

you haven t won in the past and you will continue to lose until something radically changes. Seriously, it’s impossible for you to make money betting on sports. The truth is

the truth is the odds are stacked against you. Now you might follow espn religiously, you keep up with the nfl network, nba tv, you watch all the experts they march out every week hell you might be in 3 different fantasy leagues. That’s all well and good but even with all that

you still manage to lose money. It s because don t have the right tools. But here s the good news: it doesn t have to be that way. You can win consistently betting on sports hi i’m rich allen the sports betting professor and i was once right where you are now: dreaming of becoming a successful sports bettor. I did all my homework and i knew as much about every team, statistic and injury report that a person could possibly hope to learn but at the end of the season i d still lose money

like 7 out of 10 times if i was lucky in the mid-1990s i got involved in the booming offshore sports betting industry. Yup, packed up and moved to the caribbean.

not a bad way to spend almost 10 years, believe me. But it wasn t all fun in the sun. You see, it was there that i learned from some of the sharpest minds in the game the 1 key to being a successful spo…read more detail

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