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have you been disappointed with betting systems in the past? is your bank balance dented due to losing long term?

well now you can finally start winning consistently by following a tried and tested system that was created by a professional horse racing expert

this system involves laying horses that are identified as qualifying selections by an easy to follow method which only takes 10-15 minutes per day

there are no hidden fees, and all of the information that you require to make the selections can be found for free

there are numerous systems out there, all with a varying degree of success, however not many of them can boast never having had a losing month this system can

it took 2 years to finely tune this method through an extensive testing phase and since then with almost 3 years of live betting there has never been a losing month there have also never been any long losing streaks and horses are only layed at low odds, so your bankroll exposure is as low as possible

most horse laying systems only concentrate on recent form and jockey/trainer strike rate; however none that i have ever come across has mentioned the opposition

it seems crazy to base a lay selection on a horse’s stats alone because it may look like a bad horse on form, but it could be running in a race where the opposition is even poorer so it still has a good chance of winning

this system looks at a range of stats including the stable’s form (hence the n…read more detail

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