The secret longshot formula

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a ‘punting genius’ claims he can show you how to earn huge profits from longshot winners year after year . . .

in fact, he guarantees he can . You should probably hear him out. Punters call him the “longshot king”.

publishers of practical punting month magazine. Practical punting has been the globe’s leading horseracing and punting publishers for 26 years.

we have built an enviable reputation for turning our members into winners. 26 years of history … 25 years of profits. Nobody else in the world can claim that and back that up.

our experts, writers and punting analysts research what works via exclusive analysis, practical testing. Then we publish what we learn so our community of punters can improve their winning results and increase their punting knowledge and skills.

we employ the best writers and experts that are able to give you valuable inside information that will help you win.

our aim is to help anyone with an interest in racing and punting, from the novice to the professional, to do so in an enjoyable way. We make it our mission to help you become a better punter along the way.

that’s why practical punting has attracted tens of thousands of people from around the world since we first published australia’s favourite racing magazine, practical punting monthly, over a & 188; of a century ago.

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