Behind the scenes: managing a trade show without losing your mind – the ebook that shows you how to manage trade shows and win customers without losing your money, your job or your company.

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"a plan is nothing; planning is everything." —general dwight eisenhower • table of contents • chapter 1, excerpt • chapter 4, excerpt "ms. Rocke has done an excellent job describing how a person in charge of a booth at a trade show can stay focused on the purpose of the trade show which is to create leads…it is a must-read for anyone responsible for any aspect of a trade show." —owen jay murphy, president, transglobal consulting, llc "behind the scenes: managing a trade show without losing your mind is a straightforward guide to running a successful trade show. A no-nonsense manual that taps directly into the author’s eleven years of experience managing trade shows in the high technology industry." —midwest book review order now

who uses behind the scenes ? •trade show managers •business owners •marketing managers •pr agents and agencies •marketing professionals •advertising professionals anyone involved in any aspect of the trade show program.

pamela rocke is a marketing consultant, writer, graphic artist and author. She is also a former technical writer. Pam spent many years coordinating trade shows for her company, a small high tech manufacturer – up to ten per year.

"i learned how to manage trade shows on the job. A lot of the information in my book – i learned the hard way. This is the book i wish i’d had when i started out."

pam knows that…read more detail

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