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from: dexter tenison, mss, cft, owner of memphis adventure boot camp re: make your boot camp the “talk of the town” by being fun and effective.

d ear motivated boot camp owner, have you ever really thought about why some boot camps are always packed with a huge colossal membership base while others never seem to be able to grow? it is a fact that 50% of people who start an exercise program will drop out within six months.

you see, if you are committed enough to own a boot camp, you are probably what i would consider to be a ” gym rat .” you are going to work out no matter the condition or how simple it is.

let me tell you a little secret : most people stop a fitness program because they become bored in fact, the newest research in sports psychology journals shows that adherence to a fitness program is solely based on the simple fact that they enjoyed what they were doing

q: can i use boot camp game days as my primary workouts? a: boot camp days are a “tool in the tool bag.” i recommend using them 1x sometimes 2x a week and rotate them as needed. If you did boot camp game day workouts every single workout, you become too predictable and therefore boring. Remember to always mix up how you do your workouts

q: can i use boot camp game days even if i don’t teach a boot camp? a: yes if you need a way to make your group fitness sessions more fun and entertaining, then use and/or modify them to make them work for your needs.

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