Bootstrap your massage business – highly successful massage therapist releases his proven, massage practice building system you can use to quickly generate loads of new massage clients — even if you have pennies in your pockets and no marketing experience

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if you are an experienced massage therapist or are fresh out of massage school and are struggling to eke out a full-time income doing professional massage therapy then i have some good news for you.

but as big as my dreams were they were almost destroyed because i couldn’t find enough massage clients to earn a full-time living from doing massage right away.

i struggled for four long years, until i discovered the secret to building a profitable full-time massage business. Once i did, it didn’t take long. In fact, within three months, i was seeing 12 to 15 clients per week. And within six months, i was seeing 25 to 30 clients per week. Best of all, in less than a year i was making plans to start my massage therapy center which i did in january 1999.

i had that massage center for 6 1/2 years and employed as many as seven additional massage therapists and two administrative staff at the same time.

eventually, i got the point where i grew tired of working 90 hour weeks and wanted a simpler life. I wanted to spend more time with my friends and family. My wife and i wanted to start a family. But both of those goals seemed almost impossible… Because i was working all of the time

it didn’t matter that the massage center was a profitable business. I had gotten to the point where i was so tired of working 6-7 days each week. So in early 2005, i decided to close that massage center and went back into private practice. But i wasn’t worried. Not for a…read more detail

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