Bootstrapped – how 75 entrepreneurs successfully bootstrapped their startups

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how 75 entrepreneurs successfully bootstrapped their startups and how you can too there’s no need for you to re-invent the wheel and struggle with the different aspects of starting your own startup. The best part of bootstrapped is learning how you can follow in these successful entrepreneur’s footsteps:

don’t have a good business idea? you’ll learn how these 75 entrepreneurs found their profitable businesses ideas and the tools you can use to find your own profitable ideas. Have an idea, but don’t know how to successfully bring it to market? you will learn how these startups literally went from nothing, to their first customers, and to a million dollars in revenue. You’ll see what growth hacks they utilized and get new ideas of how to successfully grow your own ideas. Don’t have enough money to launch your startup? i say b/s and so do the entrepreneuers in bootstrapped. Money is often the last thing that prevents successful bootstrappers from bringing their ideas to market. Learn how these startups were able to get by, pay the bills, and flourish without having to raise venture capital.

bootstrapped takes you through the inspirational journeys these entrepreneurs took from the early days of discovering their business ideas, to getting their first customers, and all the way to how they crossed the million dollar threshold. The startups profiled are from various industries to give you different perspectives of how profitable businesses are built with the intentio…read more detail

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