Broker nightmare

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attention forex traders are you being cheated your broker may be bending the rules to steal your profits and pad his pockets the things you will read in this letter do not reflect all brokers and we are not implying that all brokers are dishonest. The nfa makes a lot of efforts to fight the bad seeds or to make their life difficult. Unfortunately, these bad guys manage to find their ways to bypass regulations. Right now, forex brokerages are in intense competition for every new client. At any cost. Unfortunately some brokers have chosen to take the easy way out and use unethical manipulation, rules, and forex account tampering to make their numbers. As you read this letter please keep in mind that with proper guidance and safeguards like our broker nightmare software you can protect your account and safely trade forex . Many brokers are dishonest. To the untrained eye the difference might be hard to tell. We ll do our best to protect you from those who are, so you can sleep well at night.

from: vladimir & marina re: someone is stealing your profits date: dear suspicious trader: you deserve every penny you earn forex trading . No one has the right to change your forex trading strategies , widen your spreads, or prematurely trigger your stop orders. However, your broker may not agree . Disgraceful but true – read on to learn how to protect your profits and not be a victim.

you are being punished for being smart your trading strategy starts to get some traction…read more detail

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