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through my consulting and training i have often been told that what were available in the marketplace (either for free or paid) to busy business people were not quite good enough to relieve them of stress, time constraints and limited budgets.

for instance, many of you know or should know of business plans and how important they are to business. Business owners and consultants alike have a mindset that business planning is for short term, to address financial imperatives and not much else.

i am going to convince you of a paradigm shift. You most likely would have heard of continuous improvement in the production process that japanese manufacturers had made into a fine art. Now you are going to be able to achieve

so how did i come to develop this concept of continuous business improvement? i have worked with american, british and australian companies for over 30 years in australia, 25 of which with an american multinational conglomerate. It was very good experience and valuable knowledge acquisition. Although what i learned in the 30 odd years had been very useful in my business consultancy, i discovered along the way that most or all business plans are shortsighted, concentrating on short-term financial objectives or solving problems as they occur. This is being reactive, not proactive. Solving problems only when they arise could be a long and costly exercise.

we all know that small businesses do not have the time, inclination or resources to keep …read more detail

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