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as with any product that shows the average person how to do something by themselves, the law requires that we state certain things up front. Because this particular product is of a legal nature the lawyers are up in arms. For every one of these forms that are filed by a pro se litigant, the lawyers lose about 3 billable hours. This also means that for each of these forms that you file, you save yourself from having to pay an attorney for those billable hours. With this in mind i now have to state my disclaimer which is as follows., (btdc) is not a legal advice web site. All information disseminated through this site is for informational purposes only. Testimonials placed on this site, or any site associated with it, are shared by those who post and btdc is not responsible for any of the content.

any forms that are created and sold by btdc are to be used at the users own risk. These forms are general in nature and must be carefully filled out and edited by the user. Btdc cannot be held liable for the outcome of any action for which these forms are used.

as designed these forms are ready to file in most states by simply filling in the blanks. However, because these forms are general in nature, the individuals using the forms are responsible to check the rules of their individual states.

while these forms are general enough to be filed in any state court, some editing may be necessary to adapt to some of the individual stat…read more detail

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