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by nick tart and nick scheidies *an email from one of the first people to ever read the book. Ebook: 240 pages volume: 1 interviews: 1-25 (+bonus: adam toren, publisher: wise media group (june 21, 2010) language: english isbn: 978-1-935689-00-3 dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches weight: 12.4 ounces

n ick and i can put whatever words we want on this page. We can say anything to hype you up into buying this book. But in all actuality, words cannot express how much we’ve learned from doing this project.

we’ve absorbed the knowledge and advice from the world’s top 25 young entrepreneurs. It’s in our best interest (in the long-run) to never release this information because we’re going to use it to build our own businesses (juniorbiz and next level ink).

but that wouldn’t be fair to our interviewees. We want to share their stories just as much as we want to create our own.

comments on this entry are closed. When nick scheidies agreed to help write and edit ‘what it takes to make more money than your parents’, he had absolutely zero interest in entrepreneurship.

but with every new interview, nick began to realize the power that young people have to make money while following their passion. Today, at 21-years-old, nick scheidies is the founder of next level ink , an online creative agency.

nick tart is the 22-year-old founder of juniorbiz . He has been passionate about entrepreneurship ever since starting a lawn mowing serv…read more detail

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