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it’s time for golden bull imagine needing a wheelbarrow full of paper money for just a few of life’s necessities. Well this is what happened in weimar germany. Learn why we may be facing the same situation today – and how you can protect yourself with golden bull. Eighty seven trillion marks for a single ounce of gold by november 1923 the madness of weimar germany had reached its terminal stage. An ounce of gold, that cost one hundred and seventy marks in january 1919, had risen to eighty seven trillion marks in less than four years. Yet this was the most sophisticated and cultured country in europe. Dairy prices have been soaring again lately. Yet imagine a kilo of butter, that cost less than three marks before world war 1, reaching 6 trillion marks by november 1923 . The dishonest repudiation of debt was at the heart of germany’s weimar disaster. Hard-working, middle class germans found themsleves in: “a society which encouraged savings and investment and solemnly promised a safe return from them and then defaulted? was this not a fraud upon the people?” (william l. Shirer: the rise and fall of the third reich) so what is different in 2010 for the usa, britain, europe, new zealand & australia? of course, today we do not have war reparations to pay. However, we do have unimaginable, unfunded, welfare liabilities of a size that would shame even profligate, spendthrift, weimar that great economist of the austrian school, ludwig von mises, warned long ago how the fraud of credi…read more detail

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