Coaching for daily miracles

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i always thought that quite a few books on how to build a career as a coach / consultant / therapist are a waste of time, that’s why i wrote this e-book for stratospheric boost your coaching profession. Instead of reams of theories and concepts, you will find real stories, my experiences as an author and tools i use daily in my cabinet after thousands of coaching sessions and experience.

i’ll show you what i have learned. Does it sounds familiar? are some issues that will solve the ebook coaching for daily miracles in its 80 pages. There are many well-trained coaches, after expensive coaching courses, but no customers, no revenue no doubt there are many coaches today, and many therapists, but to live well in his profession there are very few. Why? because they have been taught to help but they have not been taught to help (being a coach: with personal branding, customer and revenue).

this e-book will help you and help you help to help the 7 voices of conscious c…read more detail

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