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banks that took bailout money were supposed to use part of the taxpayer-provided cash infusion to help customers avoid foreclosure, but instead, many of them are using the tax-payer money to pad their own pockets

as a result, the top banks are 23 percent larger than they were before the crisis. They now hold more than $8.5 trillion in assets, the equivalent of 56 percent of gross domestic product, up from 43 percent just five years ago . The banks now control 52 percent of all industry assets, up from 17 percent four decades ago.

although the primary goal of the $787 billion bailout was to prop up struggling banks stung by the mortgage crisis, the government has criticized banks that took bailout money for not doing enough to help customers .

the u.s. Treasury department has taken steps toward holding the mortgage servicers accountable by pledging to withhold bailout incentive payments to three of the largest banks – wells fargo, bank of america, and jpmorgan chase .

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