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creative. Self. Employment. W/ or w/o the . From: mohammad khan / entrepreneur from lahore to: all entrepreneurs looking to start a dairy farm in pakistan

dairy farming for me was a wonderful project to start. I started research on it almost 2 years ago with my trusted friend. We still joke about the fact that we travelled upwards of 1600 kms in one week, hunting out the experts in the dairy farming business.

and was it worth it? by god’s grace, it was before moving on, i want to tell you that having the right information has been the difference between success and failure. And it is no small difference. Please carefully read the following example:

a representative from nestle came to my farm and told me that my 8 animals were producing more milk than another farm that had more than 60 milking animals.

do you see the massive difference? of course you do. Only small pieces of information and then taking action based on that information has made one farm produce more revenue than another farm that has almost 10 times more investment.

i must tell you right now that this difference is because of the excellent teachers i found during my research into dairy farming. The information i received from these people was more than enough to get me going on the right track, alhumdulillah .

but as i mentione…read more detail

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