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attention: boomers wanting a new more enjoyable, more fulfilling and more meaningful career if you answered yes to any of the questions above, you just might need a midlife career change . In this guide, professional career and life coach ted behr introduces his 7 steps to finding your dream career. Coach ted has developed these steps from helping numerous clients over the last 15 years to find their ideal careers, to land jobs or start businesses that excite them and give their lives meaning, fulfillment and balance, and to discover their life’s path.

if you follow the instructions and do the exercises included in this step by step blueprint, you will:

if you wa nt to discover the career that you have always wanted, this is the book you need, now with discover your dream career , ted behr provides a clear way forward for mid-lifers who are stuck in dead-end jobs or are confused about what work would be fulfilling. His 7 steps break the seemingly daunting process of clarifying and moving into a new direction into manageable chunks. His questions and exercises invite the type of introspection that leads to transformation. Grace durfee , professional certified coach, author of balance with grace: celebrate the kaleidoscope of life .

ted behr is just one of the top experts featured in this edition of the success series . It includes 21 professional authors, speakers and coaches who have each made significant positive changes in their…read more detail

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