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ed’s price action ea (with price powered meter) the concept is simple: if the ea is on eurusd it waits for the price meter to show eur in the strong zone (using the price_meter_strong_minimum input) , and usd in the weak zone ( using the price_meter_weak_maximum input), before triggering a buy. (or usd strong, and eur weak before triggering a sell.) example: price_meter_strong_minimum= 7.0 price_meter_weak_maximum = 3.0 if the strong minimum input is 7.0, and the weak maximum input is 3.0, and the ea is on eurusd, the price meter needs to be showing a 7 or higher for eur, and a 3 or weaker for usd, before buying eurusd. How the price meter determines currency strength and weakness price_meter_timeframe = 60 price_meter_bars_look_back = 24 if the look back bars input is 24, and the timeframe input is 60 (h1), the ea calculates the last 24 h1 bars (seeing them as one large bar), and it detects the high and low, and comes up with an average strength and weakness between 0 – 10. Obviously the currency strengths and weaknesses showing on the meter will, for example, be different when the meter is looking back 24 bars on the h1 timeframe then when it is on the daily timeframe looking back 24 bars…or on the m1 timeframe looking back only 5 bars etc. Other inputs in addition to the price meter inputs in ed’s price action ea there are also take profit, stop loss, money management inputs, as well as pending order inpts, daily profit inputs, a reverse input, day and time inputs a…read more detail

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