Etf and tsp timing signals | market beating returns for etfs and the tsp

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market beating returns for etfs and the tsp trade etfs or the thrift savings plan (tsp) funds and the tables below provide the trade history for the market timing systems we provide. The etf market sentiment timing system weekly trades between the etf qld and a money market fund (cash).

the table above may not show the current position or last trade of the system. For the current trade position and all the system’s results, click here. The tsp timing system trades the funds available within the thrift savings plan available to united states federal employees (and military). The thrift savings plan, or tsp is a retirement plan similar to a 401k retirement plan. The tsp timing system reallocates no more than once per month. Allocations and the trade result table graph are updated on weekends. Trading is done at the close of the first trading day after a new trade is signaled (usually monday).

real time results posted since march 9, 2008. Etf timing with these signals: similar results can be obtained trading the etfs iwm (for the s fund), efa (for the i fund) and agg (for the f fund). More aggressive trading with etfs can be done trading leveraged etfs such as uwm (for the s fund ) and tmf (for the f fund).

system compound annual return, as of may 2013: 11.1% the table does not include the current trade and most recent results. Features benefits – the tsp system trades only once per month (at most) – the etf system trades no more than once per week (expect…read more detail

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