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to: indies,film forum and film industry professionals “learn real world proven techniques forfinancing films anddistribution which have successfully over and over again given results and that you can master too “

i have been in the television industry for almost 20 years now. During that time i have dabbled in a few short films and have recently won awards for two of those short films. The bug has bitten. I think i have about 50 books on the subject of filmmaking, producing, and directing.

i recently ordered your film package entitled, film & movie finance dealmakers ebook . Without a doubt your package is the best book i have in my collection of resources. I know for a fact that the private placement memorandum that you include with your ebook as an example can cost anywhere from $6,000 – $25,000. There is another gold nugget with your ebook and it has to do with the distribution of any film. I won’t mention it here but your advice on raising money and film distribution is the approach we will take with our film projects that we have in development now and in the future.

our current projects include one that is on mel gibson’s desk right now and the other is a much smaller film entitled, 615 calling . I will keep you informed as to the development of our projects. Thanks again for your honest advice and direction in a tough industry.

ken shaw films 68 music square east nashville, tn 37203 kenshawfilms at i found your website to be …read more detail

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