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if you re already making 6 figures **ahem** from your fitness bootcamps and killing it . That s because i m looking for people who are totally green i don t care if you re brand-new to fitness bootcamps. Or you ve been running them for years and for whatever reason you ve just failed to crack the code

if you have a burning desire to have a fitness business that actually makes you decent money and gives you zero stress , then please read on.

the average fitness trainer makes $23,055 a year. I think most fitpros deserve to earn more. I like money. I like buying nice things. I also like to help fitpros. So, here’s what i’m gonna do i want to take only action taking fitness trainers by the hand and walk them through the steps of developing a sustainable fitness bootcamp business.

a business that doesn t have to rely on being cheap , or using group-on deals or living social to drive lots of crappy prospects all out for a freebie.

in fact, i want to help you create a bootcamp that has zero competition . And i want to help you build this business in the next 45 days or less (i’ll warn you now this is not a get rich quick scheme, or some magic pill that enables you to make money without actually doing anything no, you won t get rich off of running one bootcamp, but once you understand the system you ll be able to duplicate it over and over again)

plus if you re anything like me, you re sick of hearing about the holy grail that is 6 figures most o…read more detail

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