fix your credit report — how to force the credit bureaus to report the truth – dispute your credit report” height=”240″ width=”320″ />
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the ultimate solution to fix your credit report errors in 60 days guranteed this book explains how i sued american express and citicorp on two different occasions to get my credit report fixed, and won i show readers how i sued for under $100 (i am not an attorney nor did i use an attorney).

a) you call and talk to people who don’t understand your problem b) you call and talk to people who tell you to fill out forms on the internet which you already did c) you call talk to people who tell you about company policies that make no sense d) you write letters and get a form letter response that has nothing to do with your issue e) you write letters and get a response telling you to take steps that you’ve already taken f) you receive a response from the credit bureaus that they have verified the information on your credit report is accurate

g) you are told by some credit repair firm that they can help you and 5 months later and a few hundred dollars poorer, you have nothing

just $19.95 complete return for refund in 60 days if not satisfied over 50,000 people per month search for a solution to this problem on google, a problem which 40 million people have (and some don’t know it because they don’t check their credit reports). Now, you can solve this problem using a proven technique, guaranteed to work in 60 days (this is for residents of the united states).

45 page e-book (adobe pdf) chock full of explanations and exhibits explaining how to easily get t…read more detail