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the book hurdles & pitfalls of real estate investing states: b. Douglas bernheim, of stanford university, in the atlantic magazine, concluded that: i want to share with you a simple solution that can change your future from one of financial insecurity to financial independence. Just owning one or two rental houses can make the difference between eeking out an existence and living comfortably.

my fixer upper and rental house start up kit will teach you how to start your own business buying fixer-upper houses and turning them into rental houses.

the great advantage of this business is that you can start and operate your fixer-upper house business in your spare time .

the starter kit includes: audio recordings, workbook, contracts, forms, and documents. Watch this video and see the whole process step-by-step: order fixer upper and rental house start up kit now terry sprouse has served his apprenticeship in the trenches. Fixer jay p. Decima, investor and author i first met terry in 2002 when he took my class on real estate investing at pima college in tucson, arizona. Due to their systematic approach to real estate investing, he and angy have accumulated more in a few short years than the average person is able to save in a lifetime.

bob zachmeier, upside up real estate investing i have used these methods to make a good living in real estate. I wish i had started sooner. Paul hoyt, real estate investor, tucson, arizona sprouse has a zen-like appr…read more detail

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