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finally a forex system that requires just minutes a day… Would you be surprised if i knew exactly why you are not making money in forex right now? give me less than 42 seconds and i’ll tell you precisely what’s wrong with your forex trading.

here’s the first reason why you are not making money… I’ve learnt a thing or two in my years in forex. One thing that constantly surprises me (i thought i’d be used to it by now ) is how difficult most traders think trading is.

yes, it takes some knowledge, but it does not require complicated systems or anything like that. Here’s a little secret of trading that no one ever told you (until now )… It means that the market will provide you with simple, easy and low-risk opportunities – but you have to be ready.

by ‘ready’ i mean that you must have… Forex isn’t random – not even close to it but there is a lot of what you might call “noise”. It would be nice if the market moved nice and smoothly for us and our systems would work every day. As you probably know by now, this isn’t the way it works.

i mean, if some huge bank gets an order from a client to dump a few hundred million of a particular currency – it’s going to move the market, a lot and no system is going to be able to deal with it – that’s trading.

that’s the kind of thing that happens when an otherwise good trade fails and your …read more detail

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