Forex striker – history’s 1st patented trade robot

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that s right this software is so advanced . So solid and so unique that it is the first ea robot in history to be legitimately patented. And i ll even give you full-access proof , so you can verify that statement yourself:

that s how you know nobody can lay claim to have anything remotely similar to what i m about to show you you ve officially never witnessed something like this before. This is a one off.

a real-money account as proof… We have over 300 that s true.. We could not settle for less.. Before we went public with forex striker, we had 2 beta tests.. A long-term one and the more recent 30-day test.

in fact, we sent invites out and got more than 6,000 people who wanted to participate… We let 200 in, filling all of our beta tester spots.. 500 people trading with forex striker was our goal.. In the end we got 350 live accounts opened, and almost everyone is in profit. Everyone is profiting with forex striker … Now plus just to double-confirm our profits with forex striker, we also have backtests going back 7 years… Showing just how profitable this system is over time. Forex striker has won over 87.01% of all short trades over the last 7 years… And won over 88.35% of long trades over the same period.

that s a total of 88.27% of all trades won … Over the time period dating way back to 2006. Can you name one single forex system that offers 7 years of consistent passive profits during one of the worst economic crashes of all times? no…read more detail

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