forex trading made easy with point & figure

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are you devastated by losing money in the market? are you tired of those black-box systems, or even losing money trading those systems? are you willing to become a successful trader for whatever it takes? do you want to follow and trade the currency market like an elite trader? if your answer to above questions is yes, then there are some good news for you, with the help of forex trading made easy with point & 038; figure (pnf master) , just knowing how to orient yourself through these basics will put you ahead of most of your competition right from the starting line.

because of its unique way of construction, point and figure charts discard time information, volume information, and trivial price fluctuation. Point and figure stands head and shoulder above any other charting system.

no matter how experienced as a trader you are, any serious forex trader should keep pnf in their arsenal. With the guidance of pnf charts, you will gain unfair advantage over those using traditional charts.

furthermore, it s easy to update pnf charts by hand even at real time. How many times do you see people update their line charts, bar charts, or candlestick charts by hand? none this unique practice will keep you updated on current price action, and keep a crystal clear vision of what the market is doing now and separate you from other 99% of the traders. Legendary trader jesse livermore and champion day trader marty schwartz , they all had the techniques to follow the mark…read more detail

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