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recently, we took a survey among a relatively large group of forex traders who were involved in forex market anywhere from two months to five years.

as you can expect – the vast majority of them was losing or struggling just to break even. Let’s go deeper into the survey. Which group do you belong to? if your answer is d you have better things to do than hanging out on this site so please leave this site’s bandwidth to people who really need it.

however, if your answer is a, b or c than we would strongly advise you to read on… We are not planning to explain to you here how big forex market is, trillions of dollars changing hands , you can quit your day job… Blah, blah… You have already heard such stories and where did it get you?

you can find such "wisdom" on thousands of crappy forex blogs and sites that exist only to clutter search engine results.

we need to get to the core of the problem. Immediately. First, the problem needs to be identified. You want to enter your trades with confidence. You want to have a reasonable certainity that the trade will move in your direction.

however, more often than not, the opposite happens. And you are desperately trying to figure out what are you doing wrong…

you are thinking inside the box. You are not seeing the whole picture. Forex trading is a zero sum game. In order for you to win someone has to lose. That’s why forex is such a cuttroath business.

you have probably re…read more detail

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