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from: rogue fx trader to : limited invitation for serious traders sick of hype date : you’re about to discover how to exploit the same insider forex cartel’s shortcut that i’ve used to build a personal fortune.

heck, as you just saw from my verified alpari uk trading account, i’ve posted gains of over $383,032.36 profit in just 4.5 months

all because i was lucky enough to be on the inside and learn the truth. I’ll tell you the whole story in a minute for now, just know that you’ll also never look at the forex market the same way again. Soon you’ll understand why this secretive forex cartel has made it virtually impossible for you to profit from trading.

but, the good news is that but first let me get something straight right up front i’m on a mission to put the odds in your favor instead of the forex cartel’ (as i like to call them).

as you’ll see, until recently i was on the inside with them making myself a fortune. For reasons that i’ll explain in a minute, i’ve gone rogue’ and i’m exposing a closely-guarded secret trading app that let’s anyone shadow the forex cartel’s exact trades in real time.

these insiders have been lining their pockets with pips taken from accounts like yours because they’re often on the other side of your trades.

you and i both know that there is so much non…read more detail

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