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finally a trading robot that does not make fake promises and that does not try to fool you with unrealistic performance figures. Who really believes that one would sell a system that would make all of us rich in a few months? 3way2win& 153; is delivering an average profitability per year between 24 and 125% depending on the risk you allow. In our tests, 3way2win& 153; delivers about 24% net profit per year, when we limit the risk / trade to just 3% of the account net equity.

in our medium risk and aggressive settings we traded 3way2win& 153; with full lots in a 10.000 $ or account and this resulted in a net win of more 200% per year.

click her to see all the realistic performance test and the individual results 3way2win – performance here

so called artificial neural networks – also known as ann are basically networks made from artificial neurons. Research about them belongs to the science about artificial intelligence, mathematics and information technology.

background of this science is – like with artificial neurons – also biological research and science. Today these networks are often compared to real, natural neural networks like those which build the human brain. Goal of such networks is to simulate real thinking like this of the human brain or to develop models which come close

depending on the risk settings our tests resulted in various performance. 3way2win& 153; in the only expert advisor that trades multiple signals in real-tim…read more detail

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