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simple tools for excel, to save time and money to invest wisely, whether in finance or in other areas, it is often necessary to calculate, filter, compare, and analyze large amounts of information, which can quickly become complex. So what could be the essential things to have to invest more efficiently? it may be basically two things:

effective tools to analyze this information simply and quickly. That is why xl investing tools (xlit) may interest you xlit is a solution for microsoft excel * , simple and accessible, to retrieve and process financial information easily (including stock quotes) to analyze and compare different investment scenarios (stock market, personal finance, real estate, etc ), and help you to make your own investment strategies.

xlit is an add-in for microsoft excel 2007 and higher which provides finance and investment tools. It integrates seamlessly with microsoft excel as a tab in the main menu of excel to be accessible and usable from any excel workbook ( click here to see a screenshot ).

the key features of xlit version 1 are: download stock market data to excel: historical quotes, key statistics, intra-day quotes, download financial results of major companies to excel: latest financial results, balance sheets and cash-flow, etc

covers worldwide stock, index, and currency data, creation, management and export of excel databases of market values , add more than 150 technical indicators functions ( click here to see the lis…read more detail

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