How to open a box gym the right way

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what i learned building crossfit estero from scratch i wrote this guide to help other box owners. I hope i can help others like you avoid burnout and how to better combat the slew of issues i faced growing my gym to where it is today.

i want you to avoid the mistakes i’ve made over the years that have cost me money, health, and massive amounts of stress. In this guide i share the mistakes i made growing a cf affiliate. You will avoid common pitfalls and learn how mindset can literally change your life and your business. Colin stuckert founder/co-owner the training box and crossfit estero check me out at: a gym

a few tips for your box: mindset mindset is huge for how your business will run and the quality of your product. Mindset and attitude always filters down. If you think a certain way, your employees will think that way. If you act a certain way, your employees will act a certain way. This concept can be extremely powerful or extremely dangerous. If you develop the proper mindset it will ensure the quality of your product, your staff, and your brand whether you are in the trenches doing the work yourself or at home watching a movie.

what you say, how you act, your personality, your bad habits, and everything you do that others see or hear will shape every aspect of your business.

from the top down. Never forget this. Yes. It is a big responsibility. What you will get out of this guide: learn from my mistakes. Avoid falling into the tra…read more detail

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