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oh well, at least the pay off was good. This bought me some much needed time to think about what i wanted to do with my future. I really hated the idea of joining the corporate rat race again and i’d always had a yearning to be my own boss, but had no specific ideas about what type of business to start.

i researched a few business opportunities and franchises and the one area that stood out for me was the cleaning sector.

to be honest this was not something i was immediately drawn to. The first image that came to my mind was a mrs mopp character standing there with her mop and bucket.

believe me i had no intention of doing any cleaning myself after all why break the habit of a lifetime

but the more i delved into it the more excited i became. I found out the that the uk domestic cleaning market was booming and growing at a rapid rate, unlike many other business types.

in fact it continues to be bouyant even in the current recession because the service it provides to it’s largely cash rich but time poor’ clients is regarded as essential rather than a luxury.

to find out more i set up meetings with two of the biggest domestic cleaning franchises. My thinking was that it would be far easier to follow in the footsteps of someone who has been successful rather than trying to set up my own business.

after my meetings i was far from impressed, in fact i was disappointed. You see they wanted almost 10,000 as an initial franchise fee …read more detail

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