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like it or not, cloud computing is changing the way everyone works. Companies want lower costs and leaner operations. Now we can outsource customer support, tech support, customer resource management, data storage, application platforms, email, and growing numbers of business functions.

do you worry that your it skills aren t in sync with these transitions to cloud computing? how are you building your current knowledge about cloud computing so you can be part of the new systems that businesses need?

many people are afraid their entire careers are going to vaporize. I suspect you are sick of hearing your cio or it career days are numbered. You’re tired of all the warnings to re-think your work now before you’re cast off as obsolete. You’ll adapt as you always have, not go extinct.

only this change is different. It isn t set up to come to you in a box. It s immense. It s surrounding you, already putting the business processes you control into other hands, in other locations all over the world in ways that are most likely invisible to you now.

new career opportunities in the making. Do you know where to look? organizations like yours want to embrace cloud computing and are going to embrace it as soon as someone shows them how to control the risks, try it, and build new value for themselves. If you re ready to act, you can show these strengths and capabilities to your organization s advantage before somebody else does.

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