Learn to trade forex like a bank trader – forex breakout system

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first, a few truths about the forex market… These are the simple truths about the forex market. Truths are usually gained from experience and always cost you more that you bargained for. Use our tried and tested experience to your advantage and become one of the 10% who make real money.

i work with a number of professional traders who teach me their systems, and i would automate, test and analyse their theories and assumptions.

the reality is, to find 1 theory that is useful, we would have to test at least 100. The result of this exhaustive process would lead us, time and time again to a simple conclusion…

the simpler the theory, the more consistent the gains. It doesn& 39;t get any simpler than trading ranges

what is different about this system.. Most ea& 39;s you buy you don t really understand. The mechanics are always a "secret"……yet you buy them.

many use excessive risk models yet you will put them on your live account immediately because they looked impressive?

many use complicated indicators which only work in certain …read more detail

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