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make a fortune in down, up in 2007-2008 the average person lost 30-40% that is right. Fortunes and retirement plans were devastated in less than 2 years. Some accounts even killed in months. A number of individuals, woke up to find their nest eggs, were stolen. I heard someone comment the other day, my 401k is a 201k. Many folks are planning to work another 7-15 years, just to get back what they lost in a few months. I can’t imagine that, you work for a decade, and trust your retirement will be there, and now it is gone. Who were those "financial experts".

time for you to become your own financial expert. To take control of your finances and retirement account. And, you don’t have to wait 7-15 years to make back what you lost. Lots of you can make it back in less than 12 months. You heard me right less than 12 months using a simple yet effective strategy, called credit spreads. My personal experience earning 5-10 percent a month on money invested in credit spreads. You can’t beat that. You could potentially get back all those losses in less than 1 year. All you have to do is learn the system. 7 simple rules.

for those of you that want to get to the point quickly i have a monthly cash flow system. Less than 2 hours of time a month easy to learn and earn-buy now technical analysis-(116 pages) of stock trading techniques smart money video. 1 hour getting started steps get back on track in less than 12 months i found this great strategy. It is amazing . I …read more detail

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