Options wizard trade signals, best options investing newsletter for 2012 with over 150% profit.

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for true investors and traders : profitwith simple options strategies low risk, low frequency trading, consistent revenue in any market condition etf options, no forex, no futures

don’t waste your time and money, options wizard is right for you only if : you would like to become a more proficient investor and diversify your holdings you would like to try trading options or havetraded options before you are not a day trader, you like to “sleep at night” and not worry about your portfolio you poses patience, discipline and diligence to see your profit grow steadily step by step take the guesswork out of option trading no daily maintenance,only 3 – 4 trades a months receive “buy signals” when optimal entry points are identified receive position adjustment and risk management real time examples receive optimal price and spread information the options wizard trade signals system is the results of many years of investing experience captured into a simple entry/exit trade indicators. I have been trading in the stock market since 1998 and quickly learned the importance of diversification. I hate risk and i hate to lose, especially money. So my investment strategy is conservative, but it didn’t help me when the market crashed during the internet bubble burst of 2000. That’s when i started to look for a method which didn’t require guesswork and prediction of market direction. 10 years ago i decided to get into options trading. I tried the “do it yourself approach” an…read more detail

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