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as seen in escapees magazine and wisconsin lawyer easily provide your fa mily with all they’ll need to know during any family emergency this a-b-c simple and easy vital records system will protect your family in an emergency my family can tell you from personal experience the importance of having on hand vital information in case of an emergency. When hurricane ike hit the gulf of mexico in 2008 my daughter’s home and all her belongings were swept away.

all that was left was a few of the pillars to hold the house up off the ground. When we were finally able to get on the peninsula to see for ourselves, we found that we had to prove ownership to even be admitted to the area.

well, how can you do that if everything you have to prove ownership is lost? before hurricane ike after hurricane ike when difficulty strikes, you’re stressed, confused and overwhelmed. The last thing you need is the difficulty of sorting through papers, looking for specific information that could protect your home, help you avoid frustrating legal issues, or even save a life.

i n a perfect world, you’d have all of your documents organized and updated in a filing cabinet. But even then, it’s unrealistic to think you’re going to unload those drawers and take the information with you.

the problem is getting all your most important information into one, easy-to-access system isn’t easy. When i set out to pull all my vital information together, it took days of checking out differ…read more detail

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