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proven publicity – get local and national publicity for free is
(sorry for bad audio – recorded from cassette)
commissioned by nottingham city council in 1983 as a promotional tool, this record was produced by mick vaughan from paper lace and recorded at eden studios in chiswick.
also sang by mick vaughan, other players include rem jennings on bass, guy pethean on keyboards and london session players charlie morgan on drums, mo foster on bass, skaila kanga on harp, gavin wright conducting a string section and a horn section comprising of derek watkins, guy barker, malcolm griffiths and ron asprey.

from a first pressing of 10,000 copies, 2,000 were used for promotion and the rest went on sale in at £1 each.

free inside the first 1,000 12″ copies on general sale was a beautifully produced full colour wall chart showing the people and events that made nottingham a record-breaking city. Around 6,000 were sold.

on the sleeve was an eye-catching logo featuring two robin hood style arrows and information about the city, the song and the band.

it was the first time any british city had promoted itself on record and the city council hoped that this novel and innovative approach would generate plenty of national and international airplay that would dovetail neatly with a planned marketing campaign that publicised all nottingham’s attractions for business and pleasure.

two members of nottingham’s own chart-topping group, paper lace, had approached the council with the idea of writing a “signature” song f………read more detail

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