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i believe that my book can help explain some of the questions that you have on retirement. I have gone in detail about stocks, bond, real estate, retirement plans, aunnities, other things of interest. I can send you my next e-book of boats – buying, selling, tips on used, new, and other boat types if you leave your e-mail address.

the eleven basic questions asked about retirement my name is robert. I am a certified public account and investment advisor. I am just trying to make retirement a little easier for you on the subject of retirement. I have taken my experience and condensed it into a book to help people with this difficult problem. I contacted and reviewed many sources of educated people for this book. A lot on information is from the united states but it does apply all over the world. I am licensed realtor , mortgage broker, insurance broker and adjuster with ten years of experience. I do not have all the answers and not trying to give you a quick fix. Life is hard as we know it and every little piece of information helps. If someome offers promises of instant results, i evaluate it very slowly. I believe that i can help.

there is a 75 percent commission for my business partners. You can buy it for $39.00 the chapters are : basic problems with retirement, stocks bonds and mutual funds, ira roth ira , sept ira, 401 (k) , real estate , reverse mortgages, social security, medicare, insurance, annuities, budgets, questions on cost of death

my book is…read more detail

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