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attention quilters: your fear of losing your passion is driving you to the poor house from the desk of melanie saladino if you ve ever wanted to earn money from your quilting hobby without hassling with the overwhelming burden of running a business, then this will be the most important message you ll ever read.

i am going to show you how to make quilts that ll allow you to earn a solid income. You ll be able to decide what products to make without having to deal with the uncertainty of pricing your quilts, finding customers and worrying about copyright infringements.

but before i do that, let me tell you a story of how i was able to overcome my own money problems i m a stay-at-home mother of five. The oldest is 15 and the youngest is 2. To put it another way, i ve had at least one toddler in my home for 13 years without a single break. Daycare expenses are totally out of control so leaving the house to work is not possible. Recently, i tried to hire someone just to help me organize my house but she charges $70 per hour finally, i decided this is crazy, i m spending money running my household but not bringing any money in. Can you relate to this?

i needed to make some money from the things that i already knew how to do: my hobbies. I started by running a small private day care. If i know anything, i know kids so, it was a natural fit. After that, i helped run various small businesses including a lawn care service, a photography business and a custom birth…read more detail

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