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first, let me start by thanking you for taking a minute to read this. I, being a real estate investor, know how valuable your time is and how every minute counts.

the real estate bubble bursts right in my face. It got so difficult to find money… It was nearly impossible to get financing for even what you would consider slam-dunk deals. If you’re on the other side of the real estate game right now i’ve seen so many of my colleagues, good, professional people, leave the business because they were struggling to get the money to fund their deals.

the market was over flowing with properties, but the financing was dried up. Lenders had money, but they just weren’t funding any deals. Then i realized i had something valuable. One evening, i was on the internet searching for new lenders. I was surprised that all i could find was a handful of free online lists and directories that offered the same few lenders recycled over and over and over again.

these lenders must have huge marketing budgets … And could leverage the amount of exposure they get by charging more for their loans.

the only way that they can recoup their marketing costs is by charging us, real estate investors, higher fees

cutting into our monthly cash flow and project profits. In addition, the only difference between products they offered and conventional loans were high interest rates.

i also found the other group of lenders who weren’t direct sources of capital at all. Ju…read more detail

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