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if you are trying to raise venture capital for your startup, the ‘pitch’ is absolutely critical. It’s the difference between getting your business off the ground (or not). Not to mention that today’s financing environment is the most challenging to raise money. What this means for your startup is that you need enough capital to last you over the next couple of years. Your skills in presenting your business’ investment proposition are more important than ever. I have presented hundreds of times and have honed my pitch deck. You can’t afford not to buy it. Heck, think of the enclosed deck is the culmination of meeting with over 300 investors — you don’t have to go through the learning curve.

do you need help with your investment presentation? would you like to have access to a pitch deck from a seasoned entrepreneur who has raised over $100 million in venture financing from blue-chip venture capitalists?

this offer just might be the right edge for you. Why am i qualified to help you? let me introducemyself. My name is matt hulett and i am a seasoned internet technology executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. I have had roles ranging from ceo to president/coo and responsibilities including general management, business operations, product management, product development, m&a, and strategy. I have seen all kinds of companies, big and small, and i have led businesses through a variety of different life cycles: startups, turnarounds, and publi…read more detail

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